• Rental and Investment Analysis

    We can help you make better decisions. Our rental analysis reports evaluate current market conditions and estimate rents for specific properties and can even adjust our forecast for adding specific amenities and adjusting your occupancy. We will also include our proprietary models that far exceed typical forecasts provided by online services like AIRDNA and so forth. We can adjust for seasonal fluctuations and assess overall rental income potential. Further, having a Real Estate License and deep investment knowledge, we can help with the overall assessment of your investment. 


    We will conduct a walkthrough of your property while carefully assessing the layout and decor with our professional and highly recognized decorator to maximize the overall appeal of your property to increase its rental potential. We can purchase and decorate as needed or provide guidance for you to implement the suggested changes.

    • Furniture Pieces and Placement
    • Effective Use of Rooms and Spaces
    • Wall and Table Decor
    • Color Schemes
    • Themes


    We understand the impact that photos can have on how people perceive the comfort and spaciousness of your home. Our skilled team has a keen eye for capturing the best angles and perspectives to truly showcase the benefits of your home. Here are examples of photos originally taken for a property and the transformative effect of our photography.

    Channel Management

    We add your rental home to major platforms and take care of all aspects of your listing including photos, descriptions, pricing, and regular updates.

    • Airbnb
    • VRBO/HomeAway
    • Booking.com
    • Google Vacation Rentals

    Direct Bookings

    We increase revenue by allowing direct bookings and repeat booking through our direct booking options that includes:

    • Identity Verification and Vetting of Guests
    • Credit Card Processing
    • Assure Compliance with all Community Rules
    • Compliance with potential hotel tax
    • Security Deposit Collection
    • No Channel Fees for Property Owners
    • Discounts for Renters Compared to Other Listing Channels

    Adaptive Pricing

    Pricing is not a one-time task. The market continually changes, so we change with it. Our pricing tools are adaptive, monitoring and updating your nightly rates daily across all platforms based on factors such as:

    • Past Rental History
    • Market Conditions
    • Supply and Demand
    • Peak Dates for Holidays or Special Events
    • Competitor Pricing & Booking Activity
    • Seasonal Fluctuations
    • Minimum Stays


    We provide spreadsheets with comprehensive data on your property’s performance and expenses that will be helpful for your accounting and tax reporting. Reports are available online and include:

    • Gross Rental Income History
    • Future Rental Revenue (Confirmed Bookings)
    • Owner Payouts
    • Average Nightly Rates
    • Nights Booked and Guest Iinformation
    • Booking Source
    • Expense Tracking
    • Monthly and Yearly Comparisons

    Welcome Books

    An online welcome book is created for every property and sent to renters a few weeks before check-in. It includes important information on house rules, instructions, local amenities, emergency contacts, directions, and more.

    • Online & Easily Accessible
    • Mobile Adaptive
    • QR Code Placed at Property


    Having built and renovated several projects in the area, we can help coordinate all your maintenance and repairs needs with our deep relationships including but not limmitted to:

    • Plumbers
    • Electricians
    • Landscaping and Plowing
    • WIfi, Cable and Electronics
    • Cleaners
    • Constructions and more

    Expense management and Accounting

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    What Makes Us Different?

    Diverse Business Experience

    We’re not your typical STR management company! Our team brings extensive experience in business, SEO, real estate, investment, and mortgages.

    Tech Savvy Approach

    In this market, technology is pivotal. We leverage AI and other tech to streamline operations, allowing us more time for customer service and relationship-building.

    SEO-focused Strategies

    We apply SEO strategies to elevate your listing, ensuring it stands out and drives more bookings.

    Comprehensive Online Reports

    We deliver detailed, real-time reports, putting valuable insights at your fingertips

    Direct Bookings w/ Insurance

    We minimize direct booking risks by offering protection against damages and chargebacks, coupled with Google travel search indexing.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We leverage different marketing channels including Airbnb, VRBO, direct booking websites and social media.
    We provide a link to an online report that is updated daily and includes charts detailing past monthly rental income trends, confirmed future bookings, yearly totals, average nightly rates, number of nights booked, reservation count, and more. It gives you insight into past reservations and a preview of confirmed future reservations.
    Nightly rates are set based on demand, competition, fluctuations for weekends vs. weekdays, holidays, previous history, and other factors. We use automated systems that track and monitor pricing in your market. The information is updated daily for each listing and across all platforms.
    Cleaning fees are sent directly to xSTR Hospitality. We coordinate cleaning, trash removal, and replenishment of consumable supplies. The nightly rents (minus our commission) are sent to owners within 3 business days of renter check-in.
    Property damage protection is included in rentals generated through formal channels such as Airbnb and our Direct Booking website. Owners must obtain property liability insurance and add xSTR Hospitality as an insured to their policy. Be sure to disclose to your insurance company that you rent your home for part or all of the year.